National League System Clubs

Find out how the Premier League Stadium Fund can help teams playing at Step 1 to 6 of The FA’s National League System.

Grants and Eligibility

Grants limits

Dependent on the club's place within the football pyramid and historic investment received from the Football Stadia Improvement Fund in the last five years, you may be able to apply to the Premier League Stadium Fund for a grant up to the maximum cumulative grant value outlined below. 

For example, a club that plays at Step 2, can apply for up to £250k in any given five-year period, and will not receive more than a 70% grant for any project. 

If it were promoted during this time, the cumulative grant amount would increase to £400k, less any grants received in the previous five years. 

National League System Maximum five-year cumulative grant value Maximum percentage grant
Step 1 £400,000 50% to 70%
Step 2 £250,000 50% to 70%
Steps 3 and 4 £150,000 50% to 70%
Steps 5 and 6 £100,000 50% to 70%

Eligible Projects

You’re eligible to apply for grant aid to meet the membership conditions of your current league. If you’re promoted, you’re eligible to apply for grant aid to meet the membership conditions of the new league, but only after your promotion has been confirmed by the league at their AGM.

Projects are listed below with an associated % of funding available.

Ineligible work

A small number of items are ineligible for funding. These include:

  • 3G pitches (these may be eligible through the Premier League Club Development Fund or the Football Foundation)
  • Boardroom and Directors' areas
  • Frost covers
  • Goalposts
  • Hybrid pitches (these are subject to ongoing evaluation of pilot projects to establish their suitability)
  • Land or stadium purchases
  • Pitch maintenance works i.e. end-of-season renovations
  • Routine maintenance i.e. decorations, repairs, boiler services
  • Television gantries and broadcast compounds
  • Training and warm up areas

Pre application

Supporting Documents

All applicants are required to submit the following documents:

  • Confirmation of planning consent
  • Copy of the club's most recent bank statement(s)
  • Evidence of partnership funding
  • Governing document (such as the club's Constitution)
  • Past three years’ audited accounts
  • Security of tenure documents
  • Technical information, such as designs, layouts or specifications
  • Three like-for-like quotes for each element of the work, based on the same design and specification documentation

Ground grading report

It is beneficial to have a copy of the ground grading report from your league before proceeding with a Premier League Stadium Fund application to ensure that all the work that is required is included within your submission. 

Depending on the type of project you are considering, you may also be required to liaise with the Sports Grounds Safety Authority, or Level Playing Field, before submitting the application.

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